About me

I am a marketing professional with experiences in the high-tech industry as an engineer and a marketer.

I earned my BSME and MSME degree from the University of Texas at Austin. Upon graduation, I joined Samsung Electro-mechanics Corporate R&D Institute as a CFD & design engineer where I worked for four years. Analyzing the engineering problems and creating solutions that pushed the boundaries of physics allowed me to design a product that was acknowledged as one of the best performance in the world.

But knowing products need help from marketing and sales to truly reach its market potential, I decided to pursue MBA and focused on my studies in marketing. Through various case studies and consulting work during my MBA, I enhanced analytical skills and marketing insights.

I am currently working on business development and mass marketing professional at a high-tech company in B2B sector. While B2B marketing is still very relationship-based and involves more involved process, the importance of digital marketing and B2C-marketing-like approach is gaining more and more momentum in my sector as well. I am enjoying implementing fresh ideas into marketing practices, and one of them is exploring my abilities to make motion graphics.

This blog will be a place for me to post my portfolio of motion graphics and some thoughts on digital marketing for B2B companies.

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